Start of a great vegetation patch!

Hello Raga-rootlings,

My name is Turan and I go by Turnip! (a really cheesy name I know)I wanted to start the blog off with a welcome and thank you. I had an idea of starting this years ago but never thought I had enough to write about to make it worth it. So with a good pep talk and eagerness to share, I bring you the start of my story sharing! The small drawings are I think my favorite touch as I had a lot of fun bringing it to life! My future plan, (Outside of writing more stories) it to create an army of them and make them stickers or badges. Who knows where the little guys will take us!

Other than this first blog, I think it will be a good kick off to post my favorite short story I wrote several years ago. I was sitting in a coffee shop and not as shockingly so, I was hit with a huge inspiration. Generally, I like to do morning pages which is from “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron. It was originally for my drawing and possible reboot to writing music again when, BOOM! I wrote this beauty out like I was about to loose my breath. I have written a lot of short stories in my past, but this one was the first time I really felt like I was watching Cindy on her adventure and felt the chills on my skin. I got so caught up in the feeling that when I was done, I felt as if so much time had passed and I was sitting in that cafe for hours! Turned out it was only a short amount of time, and I had to remove the story from my pages since I didn’t want it to be stored into the pits unknown. This really gave me the confidence to start writing more and believing in myself that I can truly be a skilled writer in the future. Now starting university, where I am taking Linguistics and English classes to futher my skills, everything from here on out will only get better.

Thank you for sticking around for my longwinded speech. Without further delay, let’s start the grand adventure!

With great love and anticipation, I hope to see you all again!

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Turan Turnip

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