Snow, cold and warm holiday cheers.

Hey Raga-rootlings!

So I have been hard at work creating and typing up a few stories. The foreshadowing inspiration has been so much fun to work on that I should have a thriller short primed and ready to post for you all to read on Friday or Saturday. It is based on a question I have spent years asking people when I was younger and decided to make it a first-person view of how they are feeling and what is going on in their head as they go through their experience. I don’t want to give anything away about the story, but know that it is a little different than what I have written so far. 

I have been thinking about things that will challenge me and what are some things a writer would do you keep their creativity going. One of the things that have been on my mind lately has been Christmas. It’s that time of year, it’s on everyone’s minds so I thought what should I do come the last week of December? So my plan for you all is that I will post this week and next week for my foreshadowing challenge. I may take a week to spend on just writing so the first of December there won’t be any shorts posted. 

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean there will be a week of nothing. I intend to still blog and keep you all up to date! I also have my final’s for university so there will be a lull in creativity as I will be focusing on studies. 

The other news I do want to share is that I decided to edit ‘Beauty and the Nerd’ and work on a posting schedule. It will not be as often as the shorts will be, however, I figured I have mentioned it enough that it will be a good test drive story. I have been struggling a little about how much NSFW content I am willing to post since there are some stories that are a little more graphic than others. Not saying that ‘B and N’ is a pure and innocent ongoing story, just keep in mind that it is a love story between girls so there will be light sexual content. Everything will have warning labels so anything you read is at your own risk. 

I also say this because one of my newest stories that I have been writing is about BDSM. A woman is looking to become a Dominatrix and meet a man who is absolutely clueless about the kink world. He is introduced into the kink world and they start their relationship as Dom and Sub. As much as I would enjoy sharing this once I have made more progress, I do want to keep my blogs clean so everyone can read and enjoy. As a new fresh writer, I am going to explore different topics and develop my sense of writing style so the sky is the limit! However, by doing so I don’t wish to scare away people who are supportive and want to continue to read my content. I will find a solution to this one day, but as I have said for now I will try to keep my writing at a constant PG16. I don’t know if that is an official rating, but I have decided that is what I am going for. 

Tracking back to where I was originally talking about, December! I know with covid, this year is going to be tough for everyone. I thought that in light of the season, I am going to write a few Christmas shorts. I want to try and write something fun and full of love since the majority of what I have so far is dark and horror. I am still working on a schedule for my posts, so the most I can promise is two or three short stories with a surprise (not so much surprise) Ongoing story! As long as the editing goes well, I will make sure that we have some good and heartwarming stories to share. 

As always, thank you for reading and please be safe to those who are living in Covid hot zones. We are here for each other during these rough times. If you need someone to talk to or just want some words of encouragement, please feel free to reach out to me. 

See you all again soon!

Turan Turnip

Scheduling my schedule.

Hello, my Raga-rootlings. 

I really hope that you are enjoying the short stories I’ve managed to post. I know I don’t have many followers just yet, but I am persistent! I have been thinking a lot about what I want to post in the future and what kind of inspirations to use. In fact, my post today is really about how scheduling and what I am going to do. 

In honesty, I have no idea what my posting schedule is going to look like. In reality, I have no constant schedule for myself. Last night I was laying in bed thinking, “Maybe I should start working on a daily time schedule for myself.” It was really an inspiring moment thinking about when I will wake up and all the different times I will do this and that. “I need to exercise, eat well and meditate.” I even looked up some really cool beginner workouts to plan for what I was going to do today. This lead to me being up until 3 am in the morning and of course the grand start to my planning was 11:45 before I rolled out of bed. I made coffee and did my pages with a renewed flame. “I need to do this, and that, and I want these things for my future.” All this gusto went into how I am going to start getting my adult life together. 

I am sure this is all too familiar with everyone who is trying to start something and keep consistent. With university classes being online and no more TESL classes to plan and teach, I feel a sudden void. This is all that lead to blogging in the first place and just looking for a creative outlet to keep my sated, but I think for the first time while I was taking a bath this evening that I realized much about my thoughts. In all of my plans and desires, I have noticed the overwhelming use of “needs” and “wants”. This may take a weird turn since this is also “shower thoughts” and we all know we have some really strange idea’s whistle washing ourselves. Mine came during me attempting to meditate to the sound of my breathing while submerged in the water. 

While I was teaching English, you never realize what kind of language you use when you speak. In my case, I say idioms a lot and “would” is a constant staple in asking questions. This is all fine and dandy when you are talking to someone who can comprehend the language since it takes a great deal of knowing saying and concepts. To someone who is at the learning level of a 3-year-old, you don’t know a lot of vocabulary to understand it. This is not to belittle the intelligibility of the students in the class, they just didn’t know enough English. If I was living in Japan or even China as I am right now, I would have no idea how to ask or talk to anyone since I have no comprehension of their language. Even if I was to take a year in school, that only gets me up to the ability to say “Hello!” or “Where is the toilet?” This is just to give an idea of where my learning and thinking comes from so when I talk about the uses of “what” and “need”, it doesn’t seem out of place.

Considering “need” is a semi-modal, it is used commonly as either an auxiliary, affirmative or negative use. Most commonly it is used in a negative form such as “You don’t need that” or “You need to take your shoes off.” Because of that awareness regardless if we consciously think about it or subconsciously use it, I almost feel like “need” has that negative attachment to the idea of needing something. If we look at “what” as well, it is a simple continuous and can be used in the continuous form such as wanting, wanted, wants. 

Unnecessary grammar lesson there, but bear with me. While I was bathing, the fact that saying things as I need or I want means that it is in the near future. This could be right after I finish the bath or 3 weeks from my bath. The level of procrastination is unlimited! So instead of leaving it as uncertain and unconstrained, why do we think that way? These simple words are only really speaking of my desire to do something but why not say “I will”, or “I can do that”? This is entirely just my thinking and maybe other people have it figured out, but it was really impactful. Changing something like how I live my day by day with a time schedule is a big deal, so stamping it with just “I need/want to figure my life out” seems like it’s just an afterthought. I mean, I still have yet to figure out what my schedule is going to look like and how to even start it for the time being so don’t take it as I have my shit figured out. Cause right as we speak, I don’t. These were just some thoughts I found interesting and wanted to share. 

The takeaway idea is that changing the words we use and understanding how we say things can make a big difference in the way we think and act. If the unconscious knowledge of attachment to the use of “need” is applied, when we say we need to do something for our future for personal achievement isn’t that just unknowingly adding failure to the idea? And that we leave no expiry date to want, does that mean we aren’t really applying ourselves to it? Personally, because I am trying to be more positive in thinking and want to grow, I find wanting to change those small ideals. Saying I can more often because, well, I can. There is nothing stopping me from just doing it or planning it right away. The issue is actually keeping a realistic goal in which I can complete tasks. I think big with very little time to accomplish it, and sometimes it’s just a lack of insight or understanding of what it takes. 

Hopefully, with my small steps at a time, I can learn to speak more positively and stop associating words with negative attachments. It’s not always going to happen but it was a cool thing to think about for me at least. What do you think? What are your personal thoughts on saying “I need/want to do x” when planning something you want to do? Have you thought the same when trying to start a workout schedule? Let me hear your comments below!

Once again thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you around for my next post!

Turan Turnip.

The fore ground of a shadow..

Hey Raga-rootlings, sorry to keep you waiting!

So the last few days have been a little busy. I started a TESL certification class last year and because of Covid, it was deferred. I was able to start it up again in September and just finished my last class this week. I was hoping to have a story ready to post but may need to delay it a little longer before I can post it. 

So in the meantime, I thought I would share some more thoughts. I have been thinking about stories and ideas, and something reminded me of a story I wrote back in school. Back during grade 9 PAT’s, I remember that we had to write a story based on a picture prompt. Being a very creative kid, I loved this kind of thing and was excited that we were able to just go nuts and write. The picture was of an old house, nothing special. My little mind was racing as I knew exactly what I wanted to write: a horror. Thrilled by the sudden idea of what I wanted, I remember writing about a woman who was on a plane ride. She was heading to the location of the house and that her mission was to investigate it as weird suspicious activity was happening there.  The plane was going through a bout of turbulence to foreshadow the heavy dependence on technology and how it could fail us at any time. 

Now, a little insight, I am a huge fanatic for the use of constant foreshadowing. Not just giving the twist away, but good use of simple and subtle points of what was to come. I can’t pinpoint exactly where this influence came from since there were so many things back then that I would read and watch, but I knew that it was something I was super obsessed about.  During the story, I wrote about the house and her investigation and right at the end, I left a huge cliffhanger once the light went out.  I don’t remember what else that exam was about or what I had to do after, all I do remember was sitting back with a giant grin on my face and a sense of accomplishment. Time went on and I thought nothing of it when one day I got a letter from the PAT results. That story I wrote placed me in the top 10 highest marks in the province and the person in charge at that time had written a letter to congratulate me for a job well done. I had no idea what that really meant at the time, but now looking back I realized I was passionate about writing and should have never stopped. 

I did debate for a while if I should share the whole story, but because I remember the details of that short story, I decided it would be cool to rewrite the story. It won’t be the same as obviously, that was several years ago, however, I can recreate it as closely as I possibly can with the same foreshadowing since it was what I loved so much about it. This also inspired me to make a few impromptu shorts where I will use as much foreshadowing as possible. I might even make this a marathon for a month. “The Time of Shadow!” is what I might call it. Such the idea’s I now have…

This does bring up a question I have for you guys, too. What was your favorite story where the foreshadowing was so good? Are you a fan of the prevalent use of foreshadowing? Let me know in the comments below! 

And with that, I think I will close the blog for now. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and hope to see you soon! Take care and be safe Raga-rootlings!

Turun Turnip

Current thoughts and plans

Now that I have started the ball rolling, I think talking about recent stories I have going might be a good starter topic. I had to think a little about what I wanted to talk about in my posts, and trust me; there are several things I could and can speak about ranting from current reads to video games that take up all my time. Like for instance, I have been reading a lot of yuri genres lately, and one has captured my love. It makes me giggle like a silly school girl. It’s called “Citrus” by Saburouta, and I am absolutely in love with it. The storyline is excellent, the artistry is brilliant, and there has been an anime released. If you have not heard of it and Japanese manga or anime is your thing, give it a try!

Returning to the original topic, I have been currently writing several ongoing stories to give a brief explanation. That way, when I do start posting them in the future, you can check them out and give it a go. I don’t know if authors stay in a specific genre at all, but since I am still learning, there will be several areas I will bounce between until I am comfortable. Writing suspenseful thrillers have been a little more jive lately; however, I do have a yuri story that I will go into first since it is at the foremost part of my brain.

I started an ongoing story called “Beauty and the Nerd.” It isn’t much of a creative title, yet it had made me chuckle. Now, I am a massive fan of mangas and originally wanted to spend time drawing and learning how to make my own. It turns out I am more artistic with words than I am with drawings, so I decided to attempt to write it out instead. Several different stories across different artists inspired it, so it would be hard to say who was the original inspiration. Knowing what it’s based off, anyone reading it might be able to spot the feel I might have been going for since I was trying to write it in a way that if I decided to draw it, it would be easy to envision. Also, I will mention that it is my first actual continuation from my shorts, so it is very raw and may have a ton of mistakes and errors. 

The plot is primarily about two girls (if it wasn’t clear from mentioning yuri, meaning girls who love girls) and how they start to fall in love. The first girl I introduce is Yuru, who is a cheerful and popular girl. She notices a quiet girl who seems shy and is the nerdy type. Being a social butterfly, it bothers her how alone the girl appears, watching her from afar. As she is watching the quiet girl whom she doesn’t know the name of, Yuru’s friends berate her and introduce the girl as Colby. I know this is a common trope in Japanese anime and mangas, and because of my own experiences, this made for an easy first-time book. Understanding how both the girls would feel about the other, I excitedly wanted to see how well this would go.

Not wanting to ruin this story’s experience, I won’t go any further. The other ongoing writing I will talk about is one that I have a higher likeliness of taking to publish as a full book. The biggest issue I have with this one is the type of genre that I am writing it as. The story is called “Darkness Succumbs.” It’s about a detective who deals with murder cases. Adrian is a loner type who doesn’t play well with others. She keeps herself secluded as she often avoids working with her partner Savio. Adrian starts a case in which is unlike any she had come across with her old partner.  Two bodies turn up with shredded faces and a missing ear. As she continues investigating the mystery, supernatural occurrences keep happening to her as she starts to rely on Savio to help her figure out what is going on. 

This story is very sexually heavy and might not be a story to share first. Eventually, and depending on how much popularity grows, I may start posting NSFW stories and content, but for now, all I can do is talk about it and what my concerns are. The first one being, as already stated, it is considered “smut.” The second is that it’s not only smut but a horror/thriller mixed with the supernatural. I know that this could be common, but since I have not been fortunate in reading much of this type of book, it makes me quite nervous about publishing it. Although this is my concern, I still want to do my best and finish writing it. I already have ideas for a second book for when I complete it. 

Darkness succumbs initially is based on a nightmare that I had. When I originally started writing it out, my thoughts turned from describing it to storyboard mode, and ideas just kept coming. I had pre-written a whole story in limited detail that went on for pages. I laugh quite a bit at it now as I remember while I was going through it as I started writing being like, “What the hell did I think when I wrote this?” Or like, “Why did I make that point so vague?!” I have a third story where I started and did the same thing where I pre-wrote the whole thing out. However, I left out substantial story details and skipped chunks. It was like past me was like, “Yeah, I don’t need to write this out, I already know how it will go!” and future me is so mad. I want to reach out and clobber my way of thinking, yet as if I still haven’t learned from my past transgressions, I still do it to this day. *Sigh*

Anyways, thanks for reading! Since I am still working on a few stories to work out kinks and grammar, I won’t be posting a short story for a while yet. I also will be working on a schedule and post for everyone to see for when the next one will come out. As much as I want to share everything I have in one go, I think a good habit of getting into a post once a week. One week might be a short story, while the other will be an ongoing one. If you also have any suggestions between big posts, let me know in the comments below!

Until next time my Raga-rootlings, See you later!


Start of a great vegetation patch!

Hello Raga-rootlings,

My name is Turan and I go by Turnip! (a really cheesy name I know)I wanted to start the blog off with a welcome and thank you. I had an idea of starting this years ago but never thought I had enough to write about to make it worth it. So with a good pep talk and eagerness to share, I bring you the start of my story sharing! The small drawings are I think my favorite touch as I had a lot of fun bringing it to life! My future plan, (Outside of writing more stories) it to create an army of them and make them stickers or badges. Who knows where the little guys will take us!

Other than this first blog, I think it will be a good kick off to post my favorite short story I wrote several years ago. I was sitting in a coffee shop and not as shockingly so, I was hit with a huge inspiration. Generally, I like to do morning pages which is from “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron. It was originally for my drawing and possible reboot to writing music again when, BOOM! I wrote this beauty out like I was about to loose my breath. I have written a lot of short stories in my past, but this one was the first time I really felt like I was watching Cindy on her adventure and felt the chills on my skin. I got so caught up in the feeling that when I was done, I felt as if so much time had passed and I was sitting in that cafe for hours! Turned out it was only a short amount of time, and I had to remove the story from my pages since I didn’t want it to be stored into the pits unknown. This really gave me the confidence to start writing more and believing in myself that I can truly be a skilled writer in the future. Now starting university, where I am taking Linguistics and English classes to futher my skills, everything from here on out will only get better.

Thank you for sticking around for my longwinded speech. Without further delay, let’s start the grand adventure!

With great love and anticipation, I hope to see you all again!