Better late then never!

Hey Raga-rootlings!

This is a double post day since I was a little busy this week writing and editing. I am also super proud to announce the Christmas special for Beauty and the Nerd! If you haven’t already read it yet, check it out!
This special was something that was suggested to me by my partner and I was super excited about it. Being that I have been writing their story and talking about it quite a few times now, It really made sense to do a one-shot story for them for a Christmas theme. I left out some details since I didn’t want to spoil too much from the original story. I am pretty proud of how it turned out and how I was able to still throw in a little teaser between the girls since that’s what the story is about: Colby and Yuru.
I still have one more story I want to post before the new year, and I have to say, it’s been quite the challenge. Not only is Christmas really overdone, but it’s also hard to think of something that is not creepypasta or a thriller. Being that it seems more natural for the macabre, I really want to be able to test my feet out in the waters or normal romance, yet still keep it interesting. After talking to a friend of mine, he had really put it into a good perspective for me. Not every story needs to be something new or different. A good classic tale is still just as satisfying as having your favorite tea at your favorite cafe. If all else fails and I am unable to deliver this sappy love story, I will just have to try even harder for the next couple of months to create different styles. And besides, there is always February.
Not only have I been busy with writing, I have been working on my website as well. Some of you might have noticed the new turnips cropping up as I have been busy with creating these fun and cute vegetables. Eventually, I will have enough to do something fun with them, but for now, I am looking for suggestions as to what kind of turnip you would like to see! I will make sure that each suggestion will get the credit it deserves, so make sure to comment below and let’s get these buddies growing!
Also in future happenings, I have created a Patreon as well. It’s still in the makings so it won’t be right away to get access to it. There will be different tiers and each one will have cool perks and content that no one else will have access to. Once it is more established, I will give a detailed explanation, so for now, just keep your fingers crossed!
In light of these tough times, I do want to mention again that if you are looking for someone to talk to, or maybe just need some inspiration don’t hesitate to reach out. Things may look dark and uncertain, however, there is always hope. I hope that the stories and blog posts that it might help inspire others to write and create to help them survive and coop.
As always, thank you for reading and please take care!
Turan Turnip

It’s Monday Raga-rootlings!

Hey Raga-rootlings!

As the week begins, I figured I would announce some news! Starting in the new year, I will be posting stories every Friday/Saturday. This might be a one-shot or a continuation as I have been working diligently on the Beauty and the Nerd story. I know I have been talking about it quite a bit so I don’t want to keep you all waiting.

The good news is that I have managed to get through a huge chunk of editing so there will be content. The bad news, however, is that you must keep in mind, this story was one of the first ongoing stories I have done. I will still share it in all its glory since it is something I am proud of non the less. As someone who is constantly trying to grow and challenge my writing skills, it has been really cool going back on it with fresh new eyes. I started writing this compilation 3-4 years ago. I mentioned this before, that originally I was hoping to make this a comic/manga story when I wrote a massive storyboard for it. Realizing that I didn’t have much of an amplitude to draw, I make it into a story instead. My intent was to make it a fun small novel, however, as I keep writing and developing the characters around Yuru and Colby, it has gotten much deeper.

I had focused so much on just the two girls, that I never really focused on any other characters. They were just background to add some fun interactions while they were in class or hanging out at the mall. As I dove into my writing frenzy, I watched as now these side characters took more of a heavy role and life. Suddenly I have these huge stories about the background history of each person, what they liked, what their personality quirks are, and even how their existence influences both girls. As a creator, it’s really neat to see that happen and even feel myself get excited to see what happens next (even though I’m the one writing it!)

Sometimes you can plan all you want for a story and it just takes a plunge somewhere entirely different than you hoped. Even though I do know how I want this story to go, the original storyboard I wrote for it was lost in a computer crash. At the time I didn’t know what I lost until I started looking back at my writings. The loss of the original blueprint really sucker-punched me, yet I am not really too heartbroken. With how I started writing the side characters, it was already growing farther away from my original intent. In the end, I like the current story better than the outline.

Aside from my usual rantings of Beauty and the Nerd, I also am excited to start doing impromptu shorts for monthly one-shots! In the spirit of Christmas, I am intending to deliver two stories before the new year, and in the new year, I will be announcing different themes. As the website also goes through a couple of changes, I will be offering polls to see what the next theme will be!

As always, Thank you so much for supporting me and following along the journey. In times such as Covid, it’s important to stay happy and healthy. So I encourage you all to reach out if you need someone to talk to. Let’s help each other out, we are stronger when we work together.

See you all later, and remember to subscribe to keep up to date!

Turan Turnip

Snow, cold and warm holiday cheers.

Hey Raga-rootlings!

So I have been hard at work creating and typing up a few stories. The foreshadowing inspiration has been so much fun to work on that I should have a thriller short primed and ready to post for you all to read on Friday or Saturday. It is based on a question I have spent years asking people when I was younger and decided to make it a first-person view of how they are feeling and what is going on in their head as they go through their experience. I don’t want to give anything away about the story, but know that it is a little different than what I have written so far. 

I have been thinking about things that will challenge me and what are some things a writer would do you keep their creativity going. One of the things that have been on my mind lately has been Christmas. It’s that time of year, it’s on everyone’s minds so I thought what should I do come the last week of December? So my plan for you all is that I will post this week and next week for my foreshadowing challenge. I may take a week to spend on just writing so the first of December there won’t be any shorts posted. 

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean there will be a week of nothing. I intend to still blog and keep you all up to date! I also have my final’s for university so there will be a lull in creativity as I will be focusing on studies. 

The other news I do want to share is that I decided to edit ‘Beauty and the Nerd’ and work on a posting schedule. It will not be as often as the shorts will be, however, I figured I have mentioned it enough that it will be a good test drive story. I have been struggling a little about how much NSFW content I am willing to post since there are some stories that are a little more graphic than others. Not saying that ‘B and N’ is a pure and innocent ongoing story, just keep in mind that it is a love story between girls so there will be light sexual content. Everything will have warning labels so anything you read is at your own risk. 

I also say this because one of my newest stories that I have been writing is about BDSM. A woman is looking to become a Dominatrix and meet a man who is absolutely clueless about the kink world. He is introduced into the kink world and they start their relationship as Dom and Sub. As much as I would enjoy sharing this once I have made more progress, I do want to keep my blogs clean so everyone can read and enjoy. As a new fresh writer, I am going to explore different topics and develop my sense of writing style so the sky is the limit! However, by doing so I don’t wish to scare away people who are supportive and want to continue to read my content. I will find a solution to this one day, but as I have said for now I will try to keep my writing at a constant PG16. I don’t know if that is an official rating, but I have decided that is what I am going for. 

Tracking back to where I was originally talking about, December! I know with covid, this year is going to be tough for everyone. I thought that in light of the season, I am going to write a few Christmas shorts. I want to try and write something fun and full of love since the majority of what I have so far is dark and horror. I am still working on a schedule for my posts, so the most I can promise is two or three short stories with a surprise (not so much surprise) Ongoing story! As long as the editing goes well, I will make sure that we have some good and heartwarming stories to share. 

As always, thank you for reading and please be safe to those who are living in Covid hot zones. We are here for each other during these rough times. If you need someone to talk to or just want some words of encouragement, please feel free to reach out to me. 

See you all again soon!

Turan Turnip